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Our approach

We design brands that are purposeful, personable, sustainable and accessible.

The best brands are “human”. Hence, we dig deep and get brands to figure out the core of what they represent. We strive to build brands around who they and their audiences are, while integrating bold design, sound strategy and agile technology, to deliver impact.
Branding is purposeful
A brand is not skin deep. We help brands distil consumer truths via qualitative and quantitative data, and fuse these insights into their business propositions. This demystifies the branding and marketing process, and frames our interventions with an objective measure and directed results.
Branding is personable
Personable brands attracts their own communities. We enable brands to find a relatable market position and best present themselves to their intended audiences. Meaningful engagement begets fruitful brand-consumer relationships, which in turn begets loyal communities.
Branding is sustainable
Branding is not a vacation, it is a lifestyle choice. We help brands be independent by equipping them with the tools to not just launch the brand, but also walk the brand and continue to grow it. We also build in marketing systems for the long haul, ensuring brand longevity and continued relevance.
Branding is accessible
Ace branding is not exclusive to companies that have reached a certain milestone or have an extravagant branding. Instead, it is necessary for success from the get-go. We leverage on the Enterprise Development Grant to help local companies get a head start that is easily within reach.

Our network

Here at AKÏN, we believe that to build our own brand, we need to build our community.

The strength of AKÏN is in the sum of our extended network of likeminded agencies and industry specialists. Here are some selected partners who we trust to represent what we stands for.
Tap on AKÏN network of Accredited Training Organisations (ATO), which provides Workforce Skills Qualification courses that are eligible under the SkillsFuture subsidy. We believe in enabling brands to drive their own success via continual upskilling and internal capabilities training.
Bebop is a digital Public Relations agency, and their clients span from tech start-ups to SMEs and MNCs. Working in projects spanning different industries and scale, they have amassed different approaches and perspectives to help brands punch above their weight class.
Drizzlin Media is a sustainable communications agency that empowers brands to become more human in their relationships with consumers. Focusing on the power of the web, the agency helps businesses build sustained relationships with their stakeholders that helps in fostering loyalty & creating genuine advocates.
A community-driven platform kick-started by AKÏN to encourage open sharing amongst marketers. It connects thought leaders and budding professionals from regional MNCs, start-ups and industry frontrunners, to brainstorm and co-create strategies for brand, marketing and technology for tomorrow.

Our work

AKÏN has always set eyes on ambitious projects in order to change how things are done in the industry, and to scale our own growth. Here are some case studies that detail how we drove drive true value for our clients by first asking: How can we break the status quo?
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Check our some of our projects:

Brand refresh and development

With 70% of funding from the Economic Development Grant (EDG), Agape Little Uni (ALU) embarked on a year-long brand transformation project to scale the business and gear up for global expansion. The rebrand ensured that the business stayed relevant amid the increasingly competitive early childhood industry. 

It involved creating a brand guideline aligned to its refreshed brand identity that could be adapted in foreign markets.
Check our some of our projects:

Global Brand and Marketing

Agape Little Uni (ALU) needed a new brand and marketing strategy to differentiate itself from competition, optimise resource allocation and improve customer communications. It used the Economic Development Grant (EDG) to cover 70% of the overall project cost. This included extensive primary and secondary research, thorough brand assessment and customised consultancy, as well as the development of a new marketing plan.
Check our some of our projects:

Global Go-To-Market Strategy

GTRIIP’s preparation for international expansion required an enhanced value proposition in a niche market and a strong go-to-market strategy. The project entailed a refreshed brand identity and brand guideline, extensive landscape analysis to identify key stakeholders, and the development of new inbound and PR strategies. Similar branding and lead generation projects are eligible for up to 90% subsidy under the Economic Development Grant (EDG).

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